How To Respond To Reviews

How To Respond To Reviews

If you’re wondering how to respond to reviews online that are less than stellar, we recommend that you check out the blog library to see what the experts are saying about reputation management. Reputation marketing software can help you turn every negative review into an opportunity to change the public’s opinion about your brand. Find out more on the website.

A powerful reputation marketing platform can help you generate new reviews online, showcase the best of them and quickly address negative reviews in such a way that they don’t turn into full-blown issues on the Web. It shouldn’t surprise you to find out that 9 out of 10 potential customers or clients will take your reviews into account before they decide whether they want to do business with you. If your negative reviews are damaging to the way others see your brand, it’s time to do something about it.

Learn how to respond to reviews online by connecting with Get a free reputation SnapShot report that will give you an insider’s look into what others are saying about your business, how you compare with industry standards, if listings are accurate where it matters, and whether your efforts on social media are being directed toward areas that will prove most effective.

LA experts from offer the following advice on how to respond to online reviews that are anything less than a 5-star rating:

    First and foremost, reply to reviews as quickly as possible before a negative review has the opportunity to spread to other sites or go viral. Mitigate the damage by showing empathy for your customer’s experience, rather than trying to tell your side of the story. Make things right with the reviewer to show the public that you care. Resist the temptation to delete a negative review, even in cases where the forum makes it easy to do so. Realizing that every negative review is an opportunity to change the public’s opinion about your brand is a necessary component in professional reputation management. Be professional in the way you respond. Take the customer’s side, avoid arguing and keep your reply short, getting to the point promptly so that it doesn’t take a lot of time to read your reply. In the event that you discover a troll who just wants to vent for the sake of venting, go ahead and delete the review if at all possible. This type of customer is not looking for a way to mend the relationship. Encountering a troll should alert you to the realization that there are some people out there who will not be satisfied, no matter what you do.

Learning how to respond to reviews online is one important step in building and protecting your online reputation. Hiring is another. Get started now by requesting your free reputation SnapShot report that will help you better understand how you’re being seen on the Web. For more information, call at 661-450-3030.
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